¡Our Organization! Founded in 1979, IQB is a Spanish independant organization devoted to the design and development of New Chemical Entities as new Drugs and to the diffusion of Scientific Information using the lastest multimedia tools
Drugs and Licences Drugs discovered at IQB are licenced to Pharmaceutical Companies for their further preclinical and clinical development and, finally, for their commercial explotation.


  • Guanylcysteine (mucolytic):licenced to Laboratorios Berenguer-Beneyto (Madrid, Spain)
  • Oxodipine (calcium channel blocker): licenced to Laboratoires DELAGRANGE (Paris, France)
  • Elgodipine (calcium channel blocker): licenced to Laboratoires DELAGRANGE and Synthélabo (Paris, France) and to PRODESFARMA-ALMIRALL (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Ipravacaine(local anesthetic): INIBSA (Barcelona, Spain)
Projects IQB has been involved in the EUREKA 59 y EUREKA 625 projects in collaboration with DELAGRANGE
Other Research Projects
  • Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors: Design program of new molecules with tyrosine kinase inhibitory activity useful as PDGF antagonists

  • Chrono-histamines: new generation of antihistamines with improved brain penetration and short metabolic half-life useful as non-benzodiazepine non-barbituric sleep inducers.

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