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Name: Alvaro Galiano Ramos 
DNI: 50.262.039 R
Address: General Diaz Porlier, 86.- Madrid 28006) 
Tel:+34 91 631.60.26 ; 606 355 122
Birth date: 12/07/1943 


Bachilleratos Español y Francés completos 
Madrid 1961-1065. Licenciatura en Ciencias Químicas (Sección Bioquímica y Química Médica). Universidad Complutense. Madrid
Madrid 1995-1996. Master in Multimedia Technology. Facultad de Bellas Artes. Universidad Complutense. Madrid
Ph.D: Faculty of Medicine. Universidad de Córdoba. Argentina


  • Barcelona 1971: Diseño de Fármacos (Drug Design)
  • Madrid 1981: Bioestatistics Workshop (IBM)
  • Basilea 1982: Good Clinical Practices (IPHAR Workshop)
  • Madrid 1982: Screening de Fármacos (Facultad de Veterinaria)
  • Barcelona 1983: CAS-On line workshop (Facultad de C. Quimicas)
  • Madrid 1984: Excerpta Medica workshop (ICYD)
  • Pamplona 1987: Good Laboratory Practices (Universidad de Navarra)
  • Amsterdam 1990: Computer Assisted New Drug Application (Center for Professional Advancement)
  • Madrid, 1992 Master in Biotechnology (primer curso)
  • Informatics: Word processing (WP), databases (Scimate, Pro-cite, etc), Graphics (Coreldraw, Harvard Graphics), Molecular design (Hyperchem), Medline, statistics, etc. Large experience in INTERNET navigation and writting of HTML documents.
  • Madrid, 1997. Workshop on Menopause
  • Madrid, 1997. Workshop on Surgical Techniques in Periodontics
  • Madrid, 1997. Course of 3D-animation (Softimage)
  • Barcelona, 1999: Intensive course of theoric aspects of peripheric system nervous blockage
  • Madrid, 2015: One year course on Ericksonian Hypnosis


    Good level in spoken and written French and English 
    Italian at conversation level 
    Some knowledge of technical and medical german 


    • 1970-1975: Technical Director of Laboratorios IQUINOSA (including the areas of production, quality control and research)
      • 1972-1973: Stage on the behalf of Iquinosa in The Institute for Arteriosclerosis Research (Culver City, California) owned by Dr. Lester M. Morrison
      • 1975-1979: Consultant of a large number of small and medium-sized spanish pharmaceutical laboratories.
      • 1975: Cortobenzolona: registration of a new corticoid derivative (Tuplix)
      • 1979-1993: Co-founder, with Laboratorios Berenguer Beneyto, SA y Laboratorios Españoles de Farmacologia Aplicada, del Instituto de Investigación y Desarrollo Químico-Biológico (IQB); General Manager and Technical Manager since its foundation in 1979.
      • 1984: Patent of Oxodipine a new calcium channel blocker (the first once-a-day dihydropyridine)
      • 1985: Joint-venture with DELAGRANGE for the development of Oxodipine
      • 1986: Oxodipine Project is included in the EUREKA program (EU-59)
      • 1987: Patent of Elgodipine a new coronary vasodilator.
      • 1987: Agreement between IQB and Delagrange for cooperation in the context of Plan de Fomento.
      • 1989: Manager of the international project of development of Elgodipine, stopped in phase III (Expected registration, 1999). Elgodipine project was included in the EUREKA program (EU-425)
      • 1993: Rupture of the IQB-DELAGRANGE relationships.
      • 1994: Elgodipine is licenced to Prodesfarma-Almirall GROUP
      • 1994: Development of ENE-ON LINE, the first spanish provider of medical WEBs- Technical Director of ENE-ON  LINE
      • 1995: Development of the Spanish Oncologic WEB of BSK (first spanish medical WEB)
      • 1998-2000: Project manager of  IQB-9302,  a new local anesthetic, sponsored by INIBSA
      • 2000-2001: Development of the WEB-site "Resistencia Insulínica" for Glaxo Smith Kline-Beecham
      • 2012-2016: Development of Dermophyton, new patented cosmeceutic useful for the treatment of recalcitrant pruritus in renal patients under hemodialysis
      • February 2020: Webinar con Covid-1: ¿que sabemos sobre el Covid-19
      • October 2020: Expert consultant of the company IDRE-med (London / Munich)


  • Aerosoles basados en agua. Quimica e Industria, 18: 6-14 (1971)
  • Comparison of the cardiac effects of IQB-M-81(*) and lignocaine. Br.J.Pharmacol., 77: 465P (1982)
  • Farmacocinética de la N-acetil-homocisteina. I. Niveles plasmáticos después de la administración oral en la rata. Ciencia e Industria Farmaceútica, 2: 45-47 (1983)
  • Asma broquial y Reproterol. Geriatrics, 5: 41-48 (1985)
  • Situación actual en el tratamiento de las Hepatopatias. En Aspectos Bioquimicos y Farmacológicos en disfunciones hepáticas.Ed. Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, Madrid, 1987 pags 59-84
  • Cadórniga, R., Barcia, E., Molina, I.T., Galiano, A.,Gutierrez, J.A. Estudio Farmacocinético de la Guanil-cisteina. Rev.Farmacol.Clin.Exp.(1987) 4(4): 325-331
  • Galiano, A. Oxodipine. Drugs of the Future (1987) 12(7): 633-635
  • Moratalla, R., Romera, R., Galiano, A. Pharmacological Study of the New Mucolytic Drug N-Guanyl-cysteine. Arzneim.-Forsch./Drug Res.(1986) 36 (I), 6: 918-923.
  • Nyska, A., Waner, T., Pirak, M., Galiano, A., Zlotogorski, A. Gingival hyperplasia in rats induced by oxodipine, a calcium channel blocker. J.Periodontol.Res.(1990) 25: 65-68
  • Nyska, A., Waner, T., Zlotogorski, A., Pirak, M., Scolnik, M., Nyska, M., Galiano, A. Oxodipine-induced gingival hyperplasia in beagle dogs. American Journal of Pathology (1990) 137(3): 737-739
  • Waner, T., Nyska, A., Nyska, M., Pirak, M., Sela, M., Galiano, A. Gingival Hyperplasia in Dogs Induced by Oxodipine a calcium channel blocking agent. Toxicologic Pathology (1988) 16 (3): 327-332.
  • Waner, T., Nyska, A., Galiano, A. Drug-induced decrease of serum-alanine and aspartate amino tranferase in the rat. J.Clin.Chem. (1990) 28, 25-30
  • Nyska, A., Waner, T., Shapira, S., Skutelski, E., Galiano, A., Dayan, D. Thickening of the adrenal zona glomerulosa in dogs induced by oxodipine, a calcium channel blocker. Toxicologic Pathology, (1992) 20 (4): 549-555
  • Montastruc, P., Montastruc, Dubreuil, J., Galiano, A. Effect of Oxodipine, a new calcium entry blocker in acute neurogenic hypertension in dogs. Archives Internationales de Pharmacodynamie et Thérapie, 321, 57-62 (1993)
  • Acharya, D.U., Senior, R., Basu, S., Harrison, F., Galiano A. Lahiri, A : Anti-ischemic and hemodynamic effects of Elgodipine, a potent new generation calcium antagonist, in chronic stable angina" European Heart Journal, 15, 665-671 (1994)
  • Harrison J.J., Hierler, F., Scherer, J., Wulsh, A, Galiano, A., Hornauer, M., Kelly, J.: Study of Pharmacokinetics of pharmacodynamics of two preparations of Metoclopramide. Arzneim-Forsch, 44 (4): 519-521 (1994)
  • Mironneau, J., Lepretre, N., Arnaudeau, S., Rakoroarisoa, L., Galiano, A. Electrophysiological and radioligand binding studies of Elgodipine and derivatives in portal vein myocytes. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 271 (3): 1209-1215. (1994)
  • Platonoff, N., Millart, H., Leperre, A., Galiano A., Kantelip, J.P. Comparative effects of Oxodipine and Nifedipine on contractility and intracellular pH and calcium concentration in cultured newborn rat cardiac cells. Archives Internationales de Pharmacodynamie et Thérapie (to be published)
  • Rakotoarisoa, L., Mironneau, J., Galiano, A., Mironneau, C: Effects of Oxodipine and Elgodipine on (+)-3H-isradipine binding and vascular membranes: cardiovascular selectivity. Fundamental and Clinical Pharmacology , 8 : 546-552 (1994)
  • Galiano, A., de la Motte, S., Hornauer, M., Kelly, J., Harrison F. A preliminary investigation of the pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and renal excretion of different oral doses of elgodipine in normal subjects. (To be published)
  • Galiano, A: Elgodipine. Drugs of the Future  20 (3) 231-234(1995)
  • A Ruiz-Nuño, J.M.Hernández-Guijo, A.Galiano, A.G.García, L. Gandía. Blockade of neuronal voltage-dependent Na+ channels by a novel local anaesthetic. To be published 
  • Gomez De Segura IA, Vazquez Moreno-Planas I, Benito J, Galiano A, De Miguel E. Electrophysiologic cardiac effects of the new local anesthetic IQB-9302 and of bupivacaine in the anesthetised dog. Acta Anaesthesiol Scand . 2002 Jul;46(6):666-73.
  • Gálvez-Múgica MA, Santos-Ampuero MA, Novalbos J, Gallego Sandín S, Galiano A, Gilsanz F, García AG, Abad-Santos F. Ulnar nerve block induced by the new local anesthetic IQB-9302 in healthy volunteers: a comparison with bupivacaine. Anesth Analg. 2001 Nov;93(5):1316-20.
  • A Galiano: Estudios de toxicidad. En "El Ensayo Clínico en España" Una publicación de Farmaindustria. (Julio 2001)
  • Kalitukha Liudmila1*, Galiano Alvaro2, Harrison Francisco: Medicinal potential of the insoluble extracted fibres isolated from the Fomes fomentarius fruiting bodies. A review.



    1995: Drug Treatment of hepatic diseases
    2000: Toxicological Studies in NDA. Universidad Menéndez Pelayo (Santander, Spain): A chapter of the book "Clinical Studies" Ed.Farmaindutria.
    2011: Aerosoles anticolinérgicos: In Inhaloterapia. Ed. William Cristancho.
    2015: "El escapelo de Oro" Biography of the french surgeon Ambroise Paré. Amazon Books. 2019.
    2019: El enigma de la memoria del agua. Amazon Books


    1995: Oncology (Beecham Smith-Kline)
    1998: Pensa Médica
    1999: GESIDA
    1999: Antibióticos Pharma
    2000-2001: Resistencia Insulinica (Glaxo Smith-Kline)
    2000-2017: Medciclopedia (
    2022: reached >330 million of unique visitors


    Spanish Patent 443457 (Dic. 1975) Procedimiento perfeccionado para la obtención la 21-hidroxibenzoil-triamcinolona (Cortobenzolona)

    Spanish Patent 467362 (sep.1978) Procedimiento de obtención de antibióticos alfa-amino-fenilacetamido beta-lactámicos n-alquil sustituidos

    Spanish Patent 332.004.9 enlarged to Germany, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Italy, Japan y Sweden (Pincainide, local anesthetic-antiarrhythmic)

    Spanish Patents 531.033 and 536.537 World-wide enlarged (Oxodipine)

    European Patent 87 004 193.6 (New Imizadol antifungal derivatives)

    European Patent 87 401 799.9 (Elgodipine)

    European Patent EP0500426A1 2,6-Dimethyl-4-(4'-hydroxy-3',5'-di-t-butylphenyl)-1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives, process for their preparation and their use as free radical scavengers.

    Spanish Patent P-9200051 (New hydrazones with antiproliferative activity - Tyrosine Kinase inhibitors)

    Spanish Patent P-9302303 (New local anesthetics) world-wide enlarged as PCT ES94/00107

    Spanish Patent P201201001 (2015): Esential oils and terpenes as moduladors of Transient Potential Receptors

    Spanish patent P20220095 (2022) New chemical Protacs with antibiotic activity.(Pending)


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    Lisboa (2000): Blockage of neuronal, voltage-dependent Na-Channels by the Novel Local Anesthetic, IQB-9302 (Abst 09-010)


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